Second District Detectives Put a Stop to West Side Graffiti

Second District Detectives Put a Stop to West Side Graffiti

Charges have been filed against 32 individuals (24 adults and 8 juveniles) ranging from felony Vandalism to misdemeanor Spray Painting Property/Criminal Damaging due to graffiti vandals terrorizing west side properties and businesses. The investigation spanned close to six months with numerous hours logged taking reports from victims, photographs of evidence and conducting witness and victim interviews.

Detectives worked tirelessly to put an end to one of the most visible quality of life issues experienced by residents and business owners. Innocent victims: home owners, business owners, city parks and highway walls were targeted and “tagged” by the vandals for no reason.  The damages caused are not only eyesores, but very expensive to correct.

Detectives have requested that any plea bargains made during the judiciary proceeding include restitution by the criminals in the form of clean up – that they assist with clean up through the various Community Development Organizations.

Great Job, D2!

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